Freedom grinds an exterior light to make processing technique

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Every pieces of blueprint that mechanical spare parts throws machining has go the technical requirement of burr, go burr working procedure, technologist often cannot weave craft file, use the method such as file, cloth annulus, emery cloth, arenaceous belt to come normally purify burr. As the development of the progress of science and technology and production, go artificially the product quality that burr already cannot get used to modern market to be contended for unexpectedly and the demand that produce kind, light rectifies what processing technique replaced a tradition stage by stage to go burr craft, and be taken seriously by people place more and more, at present the finishing of spare parts of machine of a little advanced company and light act the role of the content that already was asked by technology of blueprint of technical personnel be classified, fashioned standard process. Freedom grinds an exterior light to rectify processing technique to include to come back shed type of type, centrifugal type, forked axis, horizontal 4 old series, reach ten kinds of type and corresponding abrasive to grind fluid complementary makings, the finishing via hundreds kinds of mechanical spare parts and the craft experiment that act the role of solely study, obtained better result. Gained better economic benefits and social benefit. Freedom grinds a note of smooth full treatment to boil burnish the practical process of whole processing technique is: Full treatment of light of → of the processing that remove oil and go burr → is grading → cleans antirust processing of → drying → to divide oily processing: The spare parts before light is whole should undertake dividing oily processing thoroughly, often use ultrasonic to clean methodological effect optimal. If on workpiece smeary enter, obliterate a cutting power apparently abate, the action that wear a lotion can be reduced, smooth full effect, efficiency drops, the spare parts surface after light is whole is not shining. Light makes treatment: Smooth full treatment basically is a basis the spare parts that be rectified by light size of structural appearance, dimension and smooth whole requirement choose or standards of certain equipment form, equipment, craft uses the content such as parameter of makings, craft. Aftertreatment of smooth full treatment includes tripartite range: Grind piece with workpiece grading, grind piece with workpiece clean the dehydrate that reachs workpiece antirust. Grind a grading and commonly used method with workpiece to have: Choose by hand, machinery is chosen, vibrating separator is chosen, manual electromagnetism is grading with magnetic force of conveyer belt type grading, can choose according to actual condition. Grind piece with workpiece clean use ultrasonic to clean a method optimal, reoccupy Qing Dynasty asks water to be rinsed clean, want special attention the dehydration drying of workpiece and antirust processing. Many craft experiment discovers, workpiece burnishs via boiling the surface after full treatment is bright and clean and shining, the active metal element of its surface layer is bare expose very fast in air oxidation to blacken, then is rusty, after the reason is cleaned, stay in the spare parts apparently water film formed electrochemistry to corrode place must an electrolyte solution. Although the degree of ionization of water is small, but still but ionization is mixed into H+ [OH]- , process of this kind of ionization lifts along with temperature and accelerate. Still dissolve in water at the same time CO2, SO2 waits, be united in wedlock extremely easily with water. The impurity in iron of H++[HCO3]- of → of H2CO3 of → of H2O → H++[OH]-CO2+H2O and iron immerses in have H+ , [OH]- and [in the solution of a variety of ion such as HCO3]- same, formed corrosion cell, iron is positive pole, impurity it is cathode. Usually, oxygen is contained in water film, the iron on positive pole is become by oxidation Fe2+ is ionic, what obtain an electron on positive pole is oxygen, be united in wedlock with water next [OH]- is ionic. Corrode reaction to be: 2Fe+O2+2H2O=2Fe(OH)2 by this token, the dehydration drying after be handled except oil before light is whole and be being rectified solely, antirust processing is very necessary, both is short of one cannot, its method is very much also. Dehydration drying uses industry normally model swing dry machine, antirust oil uses main component is lanolin, oil sulphur acerbity barium, oil sulphur acerbity natrium reachs auxiliary. CNC Milling CNC Machining