What Equator™ compares pair of appearance is brand-new process monitoring software

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Intuitionistic show measure an outcome in great quantities with the history immediately, have inside the factory workshop user interface that proofreads Equator of carry on of administrative function Lei Ni of buy to compare pair of appearance afresh added brand-new process monitoring window newly, can pass indication screen bar chart to show to operation personnel place detects immediately of the feature measure an outcome, return what can show every trait to survey historical record, so that the user can see process change trend. Now, had proofreaded measure of limits of temperature of Cheng Ke basis, work or the time that after be being proofreaded last, experience of the system to undertake administrative afresh. All Equator all have new process monitoring window than showing to appearance, this provided the software tool of a series of monitoring processes for the engineer. Detect immediately position position bar chart shows a work that be measured detect the result serves as nominal the one part with tolerancepublic errand unilateral random. If need, OK still so that set system shows main feature only. Although workpiece feature has been had detect the qualification of program set / limits of unqualified public errand, but the engineer still can come through deploying a system now set calls the police additionally limits. Come so, operation personnel can take step before a certain process achieves 100% public errand. Should achieve call the police when limits, bar chart can grow orange, if this process change is too big and had exceeded qualification / limits of unqualified public errand, right now bar chart can become red, carry out compulsively proofread afresh, to the operation at the same time personnel shows screen information. Bar chart will be changed when measuring historical record to choose a certain has detected feature, show previous place measures the measured value of this feature on workpiece. The engineer can indicate a few history measured value that measure workpiece recently through changing scale, perhaps show more work, so that can see any trends of this process. Suit to use this chart most when a certain process may produce change, use at treatment to be detected for example cutting cutting tool of the surface appears easily wear and tear when. If the measured value of a certain feature stabilizes ground deflection limit of its public errand, so operation personnel or engineer can make correction decision, such as revises cutting tool displacement to measure or change the cutting cutting tool that applies to this feature. Bar chart mixes limits of indication public errand call the police limits, still can show perpendicular when the record proofreads a dot afresh. Managing one of main advantages that proofread Equator to compare pair of appearance afresh is to be able to answer factory workshop temperature to change, the basis produces an as more traditional than what be opposite as standard component method, run a program that has be correctored afresh to standard component, clear the system afresh thereby. Proofread afresh with measure production euqally fast, can undertake compensating to any fuel factor inside workshop environment instantly. Equator can be used at temperature to change bigger plant, need to be proofreaded afresh only and the system " clear afresh " , but be all set, undertake can repetition comparing is opposite with standard component. Now, process monitoring window is used inside buy sensor will detect environmental temperature changes, remind an operation personnel undertakes be correctored necessarily afresh, because this supervises the work,become more relaxed. The engineer of responsible monitoring process is OK set is restricted of metabolic quantity up and down, if of the choice is temperature chart, can see the temperature measured value that answers relatively with every workpiece be detectinged. In addition, the engineer can stipulate after pass proper run time or measuring circular number need undertakes be correctored afresh. Software will be automatic from measure mode switch to come standard component mode, so that operation personnel moves,proofread a program. The history that derives data derives measures data to be able to use two kinds of forms: Use for electronic form.

Csv format, or use for the report.

Jpg image format. The pushbutton set that operates personnel to be able to go up through screen these option, still but will.

Csv or.

Jpg file saves the controller that compares pair of appearance to Equator or position of a certain network, so that other applying,the program is used. Be being compared than Equator of new to metrical trade standard neatly is traditional and special to appearance the innovation replacement scheme that measures than be opposite, its fill the market is blank. Equator obtains patent low cost design, unique structure and operation method than be being used to appearance, can use at adding the high speed ratio that workpiece detects to be opposite in great quantities to measure. It is had qualitative light, fast the advantage with tall repeatability, operation personnel needs to press only " pushbutton " can operate simply. Equator completes workpiece switch than can be to appearance inside a few seconds, suit very much flexible production process or check and accept workpiece from much station machine. With complete set network of installation service and global support is rely on, equator compares pair of appearance already was used by car of global much home, aerospace, medical treatment and electronic enterprise. Compare to appearance photograph with tradition comparing, equator is bought than was being reduced to appearance, safeguard and clamping apparatus cost, in addition it still can measure many workpiece and change new process designing according to the design; Depend on these advantages, equator gained the favour of broad user. CNC Milling CNC Machining