KMAS CAE technology makes the application of the domain in the car

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One already mastered the manufacturer of technology of CAD, CAM, what care more is stamping workpiece whether figuration, product quality whether eligible. As a result of the complexity of appearance of stamping workpiece geometry, to material of medium plate of process of strike out form figuration sex estimates hard, cause a mould to design validity to often cannot foretell. After be being machined in the mould when the problem, expose come out, will debug to the mould cause great difficulty, whole even design discards as useless. To solve this problem, the automobile body that Jilin university leads with making the same score a professor why and mould project institute (predecessor enclothes a figuration technology institute for the car) , since 1985, in sex of stamping workpiece figuration analytic computer is emulated and mould design undertook with production respect long-term, thorough and meticulous foundation theory considers to work. Organized come from project of car automobile body, project science of forming of mechanical, metal, material, machinery is made, the professor of more than 30 experts of the 7 course major such as numerical analysis and computer undertakes associated tackling key problem. Through tough effort of nearly 9 years, rely on oneself force completely, independent development went to enclothe play plasticity to be out of shape greatly finite KMAS of yuan of system of software of emulation CAE commercialization (include modelling of geometry of mould curved surface to design software of as special as CAD-CAE-CAM interface, reseau the automatic maker, material database that is based on experiment of standardization material parameter, pre-treatment implement, explicit and partly explicit. Before KMAS CAE technology is creating a pattern namely, on the computer imitate gives stamping workpiece to be in the mould the true course of figuration, inform mould texture to the user state of condition of design, craft is reasonable, offer a first-rate mould finally to devise craft plan for the user, dependability achieves 80% above. Shorten thereby mould design and production cycle 2/5 (to mixed pattern) , raise mould quality and product percent of pass, can reduce production cost substantially then, enhance the market competition ability of the product. The respect is analysed in sex of plank punch figuration, the general CAD on KMAS system and market and CAM software are mutual and compositive, came true to till mould NC machines the unifinication that orbit forms,be analysed from sex of modelling of mould design, curved surface, figuration. KMAS software system has the following characteristic: The system of software of whole process KMAS of punch of imitate board makings can realize complex stamping workpiece to be held from preform clip, control makings aspect tie, play the to load of the setting that delay muscle, punch, whole process simulation that uninstalls spring back to reach the spring back that cut a margin, and precision is very tall. Adumbrative figuration blemish passes the flexibility with distinctive mathematical model and laminose to the metal algorithm and plasticity to be out of shape the process undertakes quantitative analysis, accurate and adumbrative a burst, its are knitted, the figuration blemish such as agitate, spring back. Analytic press speed affected KMAS software system to include figuration speed effect, the machine that can reflect different punch rate or hydraulic pressure compressor are in process of strike out form, the its speed influence to sex of stamping workpiece figuration, make imitate process more Yu Zhen of press close to's true figuration course. Optimize preform appearance to expect according to plate in the mould flow and metabolic circumstance push cipher out first-rate automatically to develop makings appearance and measure. Anisotropy and the anisotropy that spring back measures imitate plank to arise in rolling process become the influence of form to punch, computation helps the spring back quantity after delaying and the spring back volume after cutting a margin. Current, this system is OK imitate the process of stamping workpiece figuration of any complex degree and uninstall spring back and the spring back that cut a margin. Commercial software KMAS (edition of medium, English) had included one steam in home inside the application that production company of more than 10 cars and pattern receives succeeding. It is good to be being compared with sexual price, the operation is handy with imitate precision the advantage of advanced respect is extended to domestic other company and overseas market. KMAS, " the car covers a figuration imitate and system of unifinication of mould design CAD/CAE/CAM " the nation that achieves as research center of engineering of mould of Jilin university automobile body and mould institute and Jilin gold reseau " 95 " key science and technology tackles key problem project, OK and very good settlement the own development of automobile body of our country auto industry and mould make " bottleneck " problem, had extended the industry that concerns to the other such as aviation, communication and cold punch now. It is the example of a few application of Kmas software below: 1, cupping of the carapace end CA488 engine oil is delayed burst and the imitate that knit music is adumbrative the first car of Chinese of group company " small red flag " car engine " 488 " of stamping workpiece of oily base case be out of shape the characteristic is cupping is delayed and easy generation wrinkles locally and burst. One steam spent about one year of time of half early or late, development went to need ability twice to pull delay come out but in local still wrinkly product, n is made an appointment with 90% . The institute uses KMAS software, method of integrated other high-tech came true to pull those who delay oily base case to play side of the model that extend a pattern (face of protruding, sunken model) design, analysis and treatment create the job (CAD/CAE/CAM unifinication) . Forecast to reduce the iteration with manufacturer cost many repass to imitate is calculated and be analysed, try to improve on old pattern, used dicker only finally semifinished product is pulled delay a success. Illuminator of emissive antenna of satellite of mould of punch of face of reflex of antenna of communication of Nextpage 2, satellite face punch is out of shape is a model is shallow pull delay the spring back, spring back that cut a margin to reach its to control a problem. As a result of illuminator area size rule of big, spring back is complex, have quite great technology difficulty. The product plan that my company offers according to the enterprise builds mathematical model, to this illuminator through the computer by the institute the face is undertaken spring back imitate is emulated twice. Final implementation designs sex of modelling, figuration and analysis of spring back quantity from the mould till the CAD/CAE/CAM unifinication that generates mould curved surface and even device of die of a complete set of to machine cutting tool contrail. And use the network that Internet has CNC Machining data directly transmit, the mould that the user offers according to my company machines production of curve of cutting tool contrail, the patternmaking that original plan about 2 years of many ability complete reached cycle trying a model to shorten half above, reduced manufacturing cycle and mould finished cost greatly, saved a large number of fund for the enterprise. 3, jeep (challenger) the new generation that limited company of car of jeep of Beijing of imitate of process of side casing punch is about to roll out own development is cross-country model BJ2 (challenger) , the automobile body that finish is overall be designed with component and after trial-produce test and verify, preparation begins to have gold of automobile body Ban pull the production such as design of compose of the recognizance that extend a pattern to intend the work. To shorten the mould debugs cycle, reduce patternmaking cost, need the stamping workpiece with main to BJ2 figuration great difficulty to have technology of CAE of sex of strike out form beforehand analysis and products plan test and verify, all sorts of problems that cannot anticipate in order to avoid by experience. To noumenon of side door frame, before floor and center pillar are strengthened board 3 complex have sex of strike out form analysis and technology molding design work, use method of mensurable school nucleus to achieve craft mould modelling to design optimization. 4, imitate of figuration of the rocker below car front suspension this spare parts parts two pieces by fluctuation after punch, classics manipulator is automatic seam and into. Make a classics fall 5 working procedure such as punching of makings, figuration are made. Its punch working procedure is a kind of freedom bends essentially be out of shape, part of the protruding outside its is contractive flange, sunken part is drawing flange process inside, a spring back establishing a wall is made after curving figuration too big, cause fluctuation after two combination, as a result of joint bad and crack is too large, solder not firm and influence dependability. Undertake computational contrasting through using KMAS software system, the sieve singles out spring back to measure the smallest figuration program and technology measure, raise a part thereby solder quality. 5, this bedspring pedestal is process of punch of pedestal of bedspring of the suspension after the car the left and right sides is symmetrical, control a former punch process in all 15. Form table of protruding of 27mm of central internal diameter, tall 26mm via 5 working procedure above all, move through sheet next draw dark take shape overall outline appearance. After using KMAS to undertake the gender is analysed shaping, make produce working procedure to reduce 10 by 15 original order the following, raised manufacturing efficiency to be solved at the same time make a back end technology pull near cut postpone cracked issue. 6, jeep (challenger) floor punch process uses KMAS software system to be pulled to floor stamping workpiece delay figuration process to undertake numeric imitate, will exceed design limits to be out of shape, front burst, end face knits the blemish such as music to shift to an earlier date adumbrative, undertake to having sex of product formative craft school nucleus, right among them the structure with craft bad sex and dimension put forward mensurable modification opinion, improve at the same time pull delay craft structure and parameter, give out best technology program. Coordinate products plan and technology design rise, shorten thereby development cycle, improve product quality. 7, hitch frame of process of punch of hitch frame of subway passenger car is to walk the important part getting power in the system, become with the armor plate flange with 8 thick millimeter. Of figuration of former technology program make in existence of point of turning of two circular arc serious accumulating expects and crackle, make make intensity sells at a discount greatly, make safe hidden trouble. Use KMAS to undertake analytic computation, reach very quickly first-rate preform dimension and craft parameter, eliminated below the condition that does not change movable mould to provide make accumulate makings and crackle, product quality and dependability rise considerably. CNC Milling CNC Machining