How to realize intelligence to change the CNC Machining with automation

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The advantage of automation CNC Machining, need through measure and changing automatically cutting cutting tool undertakes assess, because be in treatment process, these cutting tool can wear away gradually, so before investing to this kind of processing technique, what issue should die manufacturer consider? All die manufacturer is seeking the means that improves manufacturing efficiency, sometimes this means you to must check your current technological process or the working method that change you. Although a lot of people think " change " this word makes life Wei, but if " change " carry out proper, that is meant can reduce workload, is not to increase. Always pass change correctly, can let you acquire the field of achievement of plentiful and substantial, must realize intelligence to change change a knife with automation, ability achieves the goal of your finish machining. The machine tool of a lot of mould manufactories is in the obstacle that automation machines nightly or on the weekend is nobody are changed move, but when you undertake carefully checking a little, you may discover this kind of circumstance often cannot explain whether it realized automation CNC Machining truly. Certain die manufacturer operates setting of their numerical control machine tool mode into finish machining (after heat treatment) move, let these machine tools continue to move on the weekend in nocturnal occasional next, till machine program end or cutting tool appear rupture. If the service life of cutting tool passes very good test to already understood beforehand, so manufacturer of a few dies can write macroinstruction code in, after moving through some period of time, cutting tool will be changed automatically, and the working situation that need not understand cutting tool. Although this kind of method makes CNC Machining reached certain automation level, but be changed with true intelligence and photograph of automation technological process is compared, it still is in to be mixed relative to passivity do not suffer in pilot bad situation. The condition that automation machines does not have ultimate run time theoreticly to achieve, assure to machine precision, you need environment of a strict pilot, requirement you according to cutting tool wear away actually or rupture circumstance, to cutting tool executive automation is controlled and manage (change a knife automatically) , the heat that still needs pair of machine tools expands the state has real time adjusting control. The heat that manufacturer of certain machine tool uses in the machine tool expands algorithm often is academic sex, or it is according to main shaft temperature and run time have consideration, but cannot consider the factor such as the switch of door window or sun's rays illuminate inside. Accordingly, to the management of these respects, you need to measure main shaft photograph in real time the real position to 3 all axes. To achieve this one goal, need accomplishs the following: (1) before every machine program begins, control (measure) the condition of cutting tool; (2) after every machine program is finished, control (measure) the condition of cutting tool; (3) if already measured a common difference of a set, should change automatically so a same cutting tool, in order to achieve the goal of duplicate treatment; (4) if detect,had ruptured cutting tool, but still can continue to machine other parts, should stop this treatment so (given spare parts) ; (5) finish in every program after moving, should be controlled and adjust the heat of 3 all axes on numerical control machine tool expands state; (6) should have the capacity that machines many spare partses continuously (for example, after finishing a spare parts to machine, begin to machine another spare parts automatically, the program that includes to choose place of wherewith spare parts automatically to need and cutting tool) . Automation machines a solution to obtain afore-mentioned conditions, need a technology that combines by software and hardware photograph. This technology measures advanced software and a laser equipment to be combined together, process NC code through this software, the cutting tool that be added and controls all need attune to take, program and hot compensation are algorithmic. Its are as a result, the cutting tool condition in passing pair of CNC Machining courses carries out the monitoring that intelligence changes and management, implementation is full automatic change CNC Machining. Ask an attention, the code amount that every program place requires is such big (hundreds) , using manual code is highbrow, must use to be able to generate all place automatically to require code and algorithmic complex process. Use such technology, will allow die manufacturer to be able to make machine tool of a numerical control moves with almost absoluteness time, need not operator interpose. In those days, exclusive and true limitation is this machine tool can place held spare parts measure and the knife digit of the system that change a knife to measure. For example, a large numerical control machine tool (the system that change a knife has 60 knives, clip is held / journey limits is 1500mm × 2500mm) , machining a series of when small-sized spare parts or oversize workpiece, need not run 50~60h discontinuously. Proper application and limitation are notable is: This technology does not apply to all treatment operations or machine tool. Its good use is the treatment operation that the finish machining cutting after heat treatment and machine tool need to run a few hours at least. This can pass the to many small-sized spare partses treatment on the machine tool already, also can achieve a goal to the treatment of a large part. This technology does not agree with rough machining operation, because this kind of treatment needs the material with much excision. What point out even is: The system changing a knife on your machine tool at least due 20 knives, due still more knife clip and duplicate cutting tool, ability makes this technology develops bigger efficiency. Knife more, the effect is better. The user that uses this technology still may need to change the work out way of its NC program. Each program needs to have the direction of rotation of an Id of distinctive cutting tool ID, cutting tool and rotate speed, include the NC code that generates in postposition processor in. In addition, according to the experience that tool manufacturer gains to specific treatment type, become program fractionation a few block, make its approximate at or slightly the anticipation under every cutting tool or foregone service life. Ask an attention, use at quenching steel (46~48 Rockwell hardness) every cutting tool that accurate cutting machines, the average of 1h is very good initial drop. This technology is below software or hardware breakdown what how have the job is fast preview. To make a such technique can work effectively, still a lot of other factors need a consideration: To the treatment of every spare parts, choose assorted cutting tool or alone cutting tool; If the spare parts differs with angle clamp, rotate the program has what kind of capacity; And whether does the program need to duplicate to wait with the editor. 1.

Software guides CAD program from any CAD systems in this program. Next, this software by the cutting tool data that guides and every program together, found database of a cutting tool automatically, enlarge its further. Database of use cutting tool (partial program) medium user defines common difference, need the part of treatment to every automatically by software, found to contain independent cutting tool or assorted cutting tool (of make choice of of place of no less than) cutting tool watch. NC program (the cutting tool that includes a new student to become is called and the program is called, and the algorithm that adjusts heat to expand) be sent in the package of software of code of a NC of numerical control machine tool, the TEST that includes a new student to become among them checks program and START to start a program. A cutting tool that makes automatically sets list, can print the setting that come out and is used at changing knife system. 2.

Hardware data is conveyed after the machine tool, the TEST in using laser measuring instrument tests a program, measure all cutting tool automatically, the public errand that ensures they accord with a requirement (process designing) with the proper place in be in the system that change a knife. If the measured value of a cutting tool exceeded tolerancepublic errand range, or knife occurrence mistake, cutting tool will be chained and should not participate in treatment so. Can appear right now a caution, change next this cutting tool, catch resumptive treatment. Its diameter also is measured on laser appearance, next, the referenced and standard position of 3 all original axes is recorded to come down automatically. Once all cutting tool passed TEST to test a program, operator begins activation START to start a program, control by its next next all treatment. Because every independent program is called automatically, undertake metrical to appropriate cutting tool again by laser appearance above all accordingly, begin to machine next. After be being finished when the treatment of every program, undertake be metricaled again to cutting tool and diameter by laser appearance. If this cutting tool is to be in the tolerancepublic errand limits of set, so next course can be moved automatically to take; If exceed the public errand of set, so choose same cutting tool, repeat execute this one order, if exceed allow to differ a little only (this are numeric by user set) , so this will be chained cutting tool, use in order to avoid further. However, this program repeats no longer move, the next program that uses same cutting tool will be moved to take. 3 all axis general undertake according to measuring the place relative to answering diameter corrective. If detect,cutting tool appears the phenomenon that rupture, so the spare parts is chained, prevent further treatment (in case the spare parts damages) , if there are many parts on the machine tool, so it can begin to machine next spare parts automatically. Once all spare partses already were machined,end, the machine tool can be shut automatically. Make a report next, the compensation of 3 the wear out condition that shows cutting tool, axes to every program stands side by side a cutting tool that is chained. Below off line condition, the measure that can plan in order to standardize a format is more, its effect is better. For example, each in the factory specific cutting tool, according to its different utility, the rotate speed that has a regulation, rotate tolerancepublic errand and allow common difference. This one job can use software to be finished inside the office already, also can finish on the computer by the machine tool inside the factory. But important is, do not allow to operate personnel to adjust these parameter at will. All parameter should pass an administrator or measure finite accredit person to undertake adjust and be standardizinged handling through number at least. Feed speed should be decided by the personnel that plans program of numerical control system, not be by the operation on the machine tool personnel is adjusted normally. In machining a process, have lead the software technology that uses with cutting tool method technically for optimizing feed automatically. When beginning to machine, if fulfil standard operating sequence,reach the designated position, aux will be able to of manufacturer of so most die runs an operation more fluently, more efficiently, occurrence mistake of very few meeting. More specifically, in machining a process, can pass pair of cutting tool to wear away (restrict at the use time of every cutting tool relatively only) of the state measure and change a knife automatically, implement the automation of CNC Machining. CNC Milling CNC Machining