Machine of Plasma Cutting of RAPIER high accuracy

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High quality, high accuracy, the applied equipment RAPIER with operation strong sex is tall it is the ideal equipment that a kind of application machines quickly at plank. Carry out proof RAPIER to compare punching machine high repeatedly more agile, efficiency is taller. Machine to batch component from the three-dimensional pipeline system of figuration, RAPIER is tall the sensitivity that reflects its height everywhere. RAPIER Gao Yi makes our job more effective at the operation, a variety of work areas also but automata. Suitable scope: ? Favour of triangular bream of Gou of reef of Mei of Zhui river τ carries  Li to call  of  of  of crotch of Quan of ⒌ of float of uncut jade of warm up of garden of fragrant commonplace ぶ  of Jie of imperial mandate of  of Yu of garden of fish hawk San take? technical parameter: Machine speed: 20m/min(800ipm)   sky receives rate: Precision of 30 M/min(1200ipm) fixed position: + 0.


01 " ) repeat fixed position precision: + 0.


004 " ) cut width: 1.

5m&2m(5&6) cut length: 3m, 6m or to 12m(10 ' , 20 ' or to 40 ' ) material ply: 1mm ~ 25mm(12g ~ 1 " ) CNC Milling CNC Machining