The treatment of tire mould needs private plane facility

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Tire mould shapes as the vulcanization in product line of tire whole set equipment, in the treatment that is used at the tire that uses machine of car, project, bicycle, autocycle, plane in great quantities, of the decorative pattern of tire, design, font and other exterior feature shape to rely on tire mould. When use tire mould undertakes the vulcanization of tire, vulcanization process basically makes balata turns into by unripe glue the process of ripe glue, its intensity, flexibility and fight oxidation function to achieve use requirement, and the exterior that tire mould makes tire forms individuation and decorative pattern structure. Our company are had at the same time for core technology with craft of electric spark treatment nicety is cast and carve a technology, the company is the biggest tire die manufacturer on home and even world. The company demand according to the user, the bulk of the complex degree of decorative pattern and batch will choose different treatment technology, use a circumstance to make according to the equipment of the company even occasionally adjust appropriately. Craft of electric spark treatment is him company the has own intellectual property special facility of research and development, in treatment the respect such as mixed decorative pattern, cost, efficiency has an advantage, because the mould of 60% above of this company is,use electric spark craft to machine. Tire is a round turn coming back when the job, the high speed when the job turns the dynamic balancing sex to tire and security have special demand, need ensures tire mould is in the Gao Shui of the respect such as the uniformity of body of surface roughness of true circularity, surface, fluctuation and geometrical precision is accurate, mix in order to assure the tire of a production in precision of dynamic balancing function, circumgyrate the requirement of the respect such as geometrical uniformity. Demand of precision of construction of decorative pattern of tire of high quality meridian is higher, and apply to a part special road besides (road of the ground that be like snow, hill, high speed road) tire, construction of its decorative pattern and precision ask taller. For accurate without adopt design of tire decorative pattern by accident tire mould to be reliable on tire implementation, the design of the mould uses CAD/CAM/CAE technology extensively with production process, parameter of 3D of mould of tire of translate into of tire figure plane figure, finish the digitlization of modelling of round of fetal mould decorative pattern and structural design, undertake digitlizing process designing to workmanship, create NC program, by treatment of CNC machine tool. Production process of whole design and production passes digitlization completely deliver on information interiorly local area network, need digitlization design, digitlization is transmitted, digitlization treatment, digitlization examines to wait for a series of high-grade technologies with management. At present the treatment craft of meridian tire mould shares 3 kinds: Nicety is cast, sculpture of electric spark treatment, numerical control. 3 kinds of craft have a characteristic to want to choose to use according to different situation each. Tire mould is made is a very complex process, want to use many facilities and tool, below simple enumeration a few main facility: (1) vertical lathe, 500~5000mm of size range of pipe bent, machine precision 0.

05mm. (2) special mill spends a machine tool, 500~1500mm of size range of pipe bent, machine precision 0.

10mm. (3) machine tool of special electric spark, 500~1500mm of size range of pipe bent. (4) machine tool of industrial siding cut, 500~1500mm of size range of pipe bent; Machine precision 0.

02mm. (5) machining center, size range of pipe bent: 500~1500mm, machine precision 0.

01mm. (6) machine tool of special carve characters on a seal, size range of pipe bent: 500~1500mm, machine precision 0.

01mm. The company is being developed full automatic electric spark is special machine tool, hope precision of facilities of other and homebred current treatment can rise further, in order to resolve the situation that high-grade machine tool imports entirely almost. CNC Milling CNC Machining