Course of CNC Machining craft is designed

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The craft course design of CNC Machining must consider in the round, those who note working procedure is correct differentiate, sequential of reasonable arrangement and CNC Machining working procedure and common working procedure join. 1.

Of working procedure delimit minute of numerical control machine tool and photograph of treatment of general accuracy machine tool are compared, machine working procedure more concentration, according to the treatment characteristic of numerical control machine tool, machine working procedure differentiate have the following kinds of kind: 1) according to holding clip fixed position differentiates this kind of method gets used to working procedure commonly at processing the work with not much content, basically be to will machine place cent to be a few parts, every working procedure is machined among them one part. When be like treatment appearance, with lumen clamp; When machining lumen, with appearance clamp. 2) delimit with cutting tool by place foreword of division of labor changes knife frequency and time of light locomotive trip to decrease, the principle that can use cutting tool to center differentiates working procedure, the full treatment place that can machine is finished with a knife in holding clip, change have a smattering of a subject again next, machine other position. Use this kind of method mostly on machine tool of special numerical control or machining center. 3) delimit with thick, finish machining foreword of division of labor machines metabolic spare parts to easy generation, considering the treatment precision of workpiece, be out of shape wait for an element, the principle that can part by thick, finish machining will differentiate working procedure, namely first thick hind essence of life. In working procedure in differentiating, the element such as the function of machine tool of the installs means, workpiece treatment craft sex that wants the structural demand according to workpiece, work, numerical control and factory production organization and management masters neatly, do one's best is reasonable. 2.

Treatment is sequential arrangement treatment is sequential arrangement should be mixed according to the structure of workpiece semifinished product state, choose to workpiece locates and install means, the key makes sure the stiffness of workpiece is not destroyed, decrease as far as possible be out of shape, because this treatment is sequential,arrangement should follow the following principle: 1) on the fixed position that the treatment of line working procedure cannot affect next line working procedure and clamp 2) work processes after the lumen that processes work first outside outline 3) decrease as far as possible repeat fixed position and the frequency that change a knife 4) in installation machines much talk working procedure in, arrange pair of workpiece tigidity to destroy lesser process first. 3.

In the joins to alternate to be machined in workpiece as a result of CNC Machining working procedure whole process of CNC Machining working procedure and common working procedure, each working procedure needs to build state demand each other, be like the obligate of mental allowance, the precision of fixed position face and aperture and form tolerancepublic errand requirement, the technology of orthopaedic working procedure asks, the requirement such as the heat treatment of semifinished product, each working procedure must around give attention to two or morethings considers integratedly. 4.

Working procedure of treatment of numerical control machine tool and the machine tool of design numerical control that machine a course machine the main task that working procedure designs: Contrail of means of installation of dosage of the specific treatment content of affirmatory working procedure, cutting, tooling, fixed position and cutting tool motion, make good preparation for work out program. The set that machines a course among them is very important segment, machining a course is cutting tool the knife in the process is machined in cutting the point is opposite the athletic contrail at workpiece, it includes to machine the content of working procedure not only, also reflect treatment sequential arrangement, consequently treatment course is the important basis that writes machine program. 1) the course of principle ① treatment that machines a course certainly should assure to be machined the precision of workpiece and exterior surface roughness. ② design machines a course to want to reduce idle stroke time, improve treatment efficiency. ③ simplifies to numerical value is calculated and reduce block, reduce process designing workload. ④ occupies the circumstance such as the appearance of workpiece, stiffness, stiffness of system of mental allowance, machine tool, affirmatory loop machines a frequency. Of cutting tool of ⑤ reasonable design cut with the way that cuts. Use method of one-way approach location, the fixed position error that avoid transmission system backlash and arises. ⑥ is reasonable choose milling to treatment arranges mill mediumly or counter mill kind, generally speaking, numerical control machine tool uses ball guide screw, athletic space is very little, because this arranges mill advantage over go against mill. 2) if the graph shows A-B-0p-D 1 times,end panel of turning of lathe of numerical control of course of treatment of lathe of numerical control of ① of course of treatment of numerical control machine tool machines a course, among them A is nodded to change a knife, b is nodded to be cut, c-0p is contrail of cutting tool cutting, 0p gives a point to cut, d is the dot that retreat a knife. If the graph shows A-B-C-D-E-F 2 times,the graph machines a course roundly outside turning of lathe of numerical control of course of treatment of end panel of turning of lathe of 1 numerical control, among them A is nodded to change a knife, b is nodded to be cut, c-D-E is contrail of cutting tool cutting, e gives a point to cut, f is the dot that retreat a knife. The law that when CNC Milling of ② of round treatment course machines a course to establish the outline outside part of plane of milling of milling cutter side edge outside turning of lathe of 2 numerical control, the graph avoids the outline outside edge spare parts to cut and cut, if the graph is shown 3 times, should along outside of outline curve tangential extension line is cut or cut, the where a thing can be put to best use that can avoid cutting tool to arise when be cut or be cut so cuts mark, the smooth glide that assures spare parts curved surface is crossed. Close when milling inside when outline surface, the tangent direction feed that cutting tool also wants edge contour line and retreat a knife, if the graph is shown 4 times, a-B-C is cutting tool tangential cut outline contrail line, c-D-C closes for workpiece of cutting tool cutting inside outline contrail, c-E-A is cutting tool tangential cut outline contrail line. Graph 3 outside the treatment route chart of outline milling 4 inside the aperture of treatment course ③ of outline milling machines fixed position course the positional precision that reasonable arrangement Kong Jia is versed in fixed position course can increase opening, if the graph is shown 5 times, aperture of A, B, C, D4 is machined inside XY plane, when aperture machines a course, arrangement must notice the consistency of way of each opening fixed position, use method of one-way approach location namely, after Kong Jia of the C that finish is versed in, go to left much shift is apart from one paragraph, return treatment D aperture next, such location method avoids the fixed position error of because of transmission system backlash generation, raised the positional precision between D aperture and other aperture. Graph 5 aperture machine fixed position course 5.

The choice of the installation of workpiece and clamping apparatus 1) the installation ① do one's best of workpiece accords with a design fiducial, craft installation is fiducial, fiducial the fiducial and unified principle that fastens with workpiece coordinate. ② reduces the number that hold clip, accomplish as far as possible entire work surface can be machined after holding clip. ③ uses special fixture as far as possible, decrease take machine outfit clip and adjustment time. 2) the choice according to numerical control machine tool treatment of clamping apparatus characteristic, of department of department of coordinate of harmonious clamping apparatus, machine tool coordinate and workpiece coordinate department 3 person relation, in addition consider the following even: ① small lot machines a spare parts, use built up fixture as far as possible, adjustable type clamping apparatus and other are general clamping apparatus. ② produces a consideration to use special fixture group by group, do one's best assembles and unassemble convenient. The fixed position of ③ clamping apparatus and clamp orgnaization component cannot affect the movement taking a knife of cutting tool. ④ assembles and unassemble the spare parts should go to the lavatory reliable, produce group by group can use pneumatic clamping apparatus, hydraulic pressure clamping apparatus and multitask clamping apparatus. CNC Milling CNC Machining