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Italy holds lead position in domain of the current and hollow technology that blow model with rich experience and stronger innovation capability, enjoy good reputation all over the world at the same time. Article introduction is the solution that this domain offers by 4 Italy mechanical supplier. Italy Has Achieved A Leading Position In The Blow Molding Technology, boasting A Very Long Experience Together With Strong Innovation Ability.

These Two Factors Are At The Basis Of Their Good Reputation Worldwide.

This Article Illustrates The Solutions Proposed By Four Italian Suppliers.

The walking stick that takes bottle to hold in the palm demonstrates intricate geometry appearance and much curve component to produce group of ST SOFFIAGGIO TECNICA (MEICO of company of Italian model aircraft) 2010 K is exhibited on exhibiting new Aspi series is completely dynamoelectric crowded blew forming machine to reveal a kind to use " bleed " technical solution, industry of home appliance of OK and contented white and car domain machine the demand of business, its process capability most greatly 500g. This equipment produces 2 peace keeping the applied limits that the ability of 3 dimension part enlarged this one system, the mobile system through innovating a gender and special design, this equipment can make sure the accuracy of each phase mixes working cycle but repeatability. To confirm the applied latent capacity of equipment, in exhibit forming machine of this whiff model demonstrates production to contain a helix during the meeting paragraph (already patent application) cane, its helix part forms to be able to be placed 0.

The frame of 5 litres of bottle. The technology of hollow cane production that Meico brings bottle to hold in the palm in what K2010 spot demonstrates is conspicuous. This one component is mixed by Meico group the joint development of company of ATE(Articoli Tecnici Elettrodomestici) that produces a pattern. Conceive the parts of an apparatus with this one special appearance, it is for test and verify this equipment has production to have the capacity of intricate geometry appearance and the component of a variety of curves, produce white home appliance and automobile industry to cannot pass this up to now especially one (blow model) a few typical parts that the technology acquires. This product chooses to contain 15% fibre glass to enhance PA66 to serve as material, the purpose is to should prove forming machine of this whiff model can machine the physical characteristic that has similar metal, have the raw material of higher strength to stress, acidity material, oily material thereby. This one plant layout 3 board orgnaization combining a model and belt 0.

The inject of 5 litres of accumulator is unit, its model the system of thick control of 500 bits of walls that base fillet has dynamoelectric servo drive. -- Www.


It -- want already " little " want again " much " new nowadays pack and produce a solution to ought to be a foundation with two main principles, that is " fewer " and " more " . "Fewer " the meaning is to point to demand of weight, specific power consumption, machine, space, stop machine, safeguard and reject is fewer; "More " it is to point to higher yield and effect, shorter total cycle time, can rapidder changeover rate to wait, total purpose is to should be offerred the solution that can last and reduce manufacturing cost. Company of SIPA of model machine provider is in the famous Italy that devotes oneself to to achieve this one goal nearly a few months will had been developed multinomial the technical innovation product that reflects this concept. Lighter raw material holds weight bottle is whole about 70% what produce cost. Reduce the weight that pack to be mixed to economic raw material reduce cost to having main effect. Quantify lightly already was advanced to ultimate mineral water field of the that pack begins, be installed to hot fill again and CSD container, arrive finally field of edible oily , the content that SIPA company is the person that offset is expended above all sheds current approach and part of fill outfit plant to undertake an analysis, evaluate consumer carefully at the same time the field expectation of the beautiful sex to container and functional sex, it is to need bottle and the product that package do technical analysis next, the consideration can withhold his the shelf life that lubricious fragrance character wants. After analysing these elements accurately, the appropriate container that begins to consider to satisfy these specific requirements and analysis introduce light quantified cost effectiveness. SIPA company is in light quantified a respect to obtain a series of positive result, like 0.

Water bottle of 5 litres of mineral spring is only 5.

9 grams; 1 what take outfit of liquid nitrogen fill.

Water bottle of 65 litres of mineral spring is 24 grams only; 2.

Water bottle of 0 litres of mineral spring is 26 grams only; 0 what take outfit of liquid nitrogen fill.

5 litres high temperature resistant bottle is 17 grams only. SIPA rotates the yield of SFR Evo of the forming machine that blow model had risen 10% , the output with every hourly antrum achieves 2200bhc now. When the layout of equipment and specific power consumption and previous crop are 2000bhc same, this is meant, yield rises and dimensional demand and specific power consumption are lower. In addition, manufacturing changeover time also decreased 50% . More the respect that company of SIPA of low consumption another pays close attention to very much is energy and decrease with what tolerance uses up. More efficient heat the light is new perhaps heat the system can reduce specific power consumption, and be when manufacturing heat-resisting container help somewhat to blowing the report of model mould to heat. Another important improvement the domain is the much that can blow Wu of model air kimono to use gas to high pressure and partial repeated usage, the ARS PLUS system of patent of SIPA of this profit from. Before ARS PLUS system makes always be compared with tolerance, save 50% , pneumatics machine bulk can decrease 45% . The unit with special SIPA and the low pressure that machine course design to permit 18-20bar range blow model also is to decrease compress air to use up the reason with pneumatics opportunity cost. , Www.


It, " economy " dynamoelectric blow what model shapes to technical MAGIC MP is designed and be made to name for " ME-UE " the electric forming machine blowing model of series basically is to compete with the equipment of far east, also be to answer a dollar to change to the exchange rate of euro at the same time. This Italy company should a few new clients ask to roll out these more economic machine, casting for the client investment cost was saved when building new plant. The target that equipment develops gets completely already coming true: MAGIC MP begins to provide complete set model from 2011, make the client can produce bottle with low cost or the cost that reduce considerably, and the product quality that still can keep good, these are agile and the equipment with reliable function and completely dynamoelectric ME series have same energy-saving advantage. This company is this series definition " economy " meaning these is low end machine; Contrary, this series has numerous technology characteristic, they and " ME " series has identical basic configuration, still have same part for example model base head, extruder and equipment. In addition, this series still withheld the transportation with similar adjustable campaign implement (suffer international patent to protect) . -- Www.


It -- the SIAPI of PET large container that reachs 40 litres greatly is devoting oneself to to develop an innovation sex solution, implementation turns to produce large container for PET from use HDPE or PC (the biggest 40 litres) . Above all, PET allows the weight of container to reduce, reduced the raw material dosage of manufacturing container thereby, this means manufacturing process and the discharge capacity of the CO2 in carriage process to decrease. Its use the effective program that also offerred a kind to replace polycarbonate, because polycarbonate contains a kind of may harmful to human body material double phenolic A, a few countries had prohibited using polycarbonate in certain application domain. An example that replaces HDPE with PET is to produce cubage to be 5, 10, 20 litres but the large container of pile, can use at chemical to pack, also can use at oil kind and cleaner. Container designs a course to optimize, insert a handle to can be below bearing annulus on one hand, also be to obtain taller axial to bear the weight of at the same time resistance, such container are OK pile is placed, highest can amount to 4. Container " humeral ministry " design the bearing that to bear superstratum weight provided stability, and container " bottom " the cap that the design can accommodate lower part container fitly and handle. -- Www.


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