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Well-known, the product detects the indispensable component in becoming production process. Without this process, the qualification that dare be designed for oneself without anybody or machines the product that come out and spare parts, integrality and accuracy guarantee. So this detects process, or we say for " in making must " , becoming gradually is a requirement made a market however not merely. The attention such as the person that more and more equipment suppliers, soft hardware is offerred is worn this market, strengthen it is devoted to this market, better to roll out with more comprehensive solution. Delcam company is not exceptional also, from the PowerINSPECT testing system that Delcam company rolled out 1998, what the course comes for years is ceaseless the newer, demand that be absorbed ceaselessly and digests a client is changed into the applicable function, collaboration that is the same as industry associate ceaselessly, make its, we say for " rigid production occupation standard detects platform " , had become detect the celebrity in software solution. In the market with current intense competition, the research and development of a product makes cycle each minutes medium bring huge increase for the company likely, also can make a company goes broke, this are not appalling absolutely! At least, of production process shorten can bring greater competition ability to you. Although detect,be the necessary process in production process, but after all " take up " the one part of time of integral production process, accordingly, how to raise detected efficiency, try every means to shorten detected time is periodic more and more the central point that makes attention. We come first from the tradition detect the process mentions: Above all, the final goods inspection of a product is to be put in such as commonly 3 coordinate are measured machine (CMM) wait for what undertake on equipment, but if be measured finally the result is not satisfactory, how should do? Next, in machining a process, make the decision of level sex do poorly done work over again very hard, because the spare parts installs clip to be on the machine tool, machine every working procedure in the process and labor situation, arrive again to semifinishing machining from rough machining on numerical control machine tool especially finish machining, it is coherent and without among detect of the process. Once machine the rediscover after finishing, what treatment goes out is a reject, so of material, money and time use up, can no more redeem. On the other hand, although groovy handiwork detects, its depend on greatly as a result the skilled level of gauger, and complex to having model the handiwork of face spare parts or mould is measured, because be measured by hand,pick check the number few, cannot reflect the condition of the spare parts that be measured at all, the issue that brings subsequently is to detect between workload and place cost take time increase, actually this kind is measured cannot be finished. Detect according to this kind requirement, delcam company rolled out his on PowerINSPECT software " in machine detect (OMV - On Machine Verification) " module, from go up at all solved this problem. OMV is one kind is in those who use on CNC Machining machine tool, the system of software of process designing leaving a line that is used at automation to survey free curved surface and geometrical system. It can make worker is in treatment process, do not have when the spare parts by go up from numerical control machine tool before debus, whether to in making production process, continue, whether do poorly done work over again " brilliant " decision! What profit can OMV bring to the user after all? Two kinds use OMV or do not use the position of OMV through above above all, we can see, its largest window can improve the productivity that machines a process and efficiency namely. Just think, need to be measured by hand no longer and change numerical control to be measured automatically, can save on time; Knowing in machining a process whether situation of below one labor needs to carry out still is do poorly done work over again, and the rediscover when need not be being measured finally is wrong and cannot correct, productivity rose. Additional, the the cost that use OMV still can reduce outfit clamping apparatus, biggest turn the land managing investment, when the spare parts consign that and machine this in you ends detects finally, having sufficient hope. In machine detect can the spare parts quality of every phase in monitoring treatment process. With an inferior cost, detect in time as far as possible occurrence error, amend quickly. For example, it can detect the exact number that burr keeps after giving a spare parts to pass rough machining, the case that these errors just discover after avoiding to end till full treatment working procedure appears. No less, it still can detect the attaint rate that gives any error place to cause, for example but accurate evaluate cutting tool wear extent, whether can and make judgement part instantly continue to machine inside tolerancepublic errand limits, perhaps do discard as useless processing. The machine tool is online detect detecting to be not being had at present is the best part for the manufacturing industry enterprise of ability. Great majority machines the machine tool assembly to assist a spare parts advancedly now, or first wife has detector, or have those who improve detect ability. Use the OMV edition of PowerINSPECT, same machine tool needs very few additional cost to be able to be finished only now whole detect the job. It can be in offline the work out below condition is all detect the program of order, do not interrupt treatment process as far as possible, those who assure treatment is successional. In machine testing system is monitored through each phase that machining by the quality of treatment spare parts, saved many handling time thereby. In machine detect any errors that can discover as early as possible to appear in treatment, amend its as soon as possible, and come true with a low cost. For example, it can detect the actual surplus that after giving each working procedure to machine, leaves, compared with when the error that the ability after all treatment working procedure end discovers to place is caused, this function has apparent advantage. The expression in letting us see OMV make a process in treatment! Pursueing left on is the traditional production procedure that does not have OMV. After model of the CAD that be passed by treatment spare parts delivers to process designing of CAM system numerical control, begin to machine. Once treatment is finished, the spare parts is moved to be measured to 3 coordinate on machine, undertake detecting finally according to primitive CAD data. If measure qualification, prove treatment is finished. If measure unqualified and not was in machine detect, detect on CMM after spare parts treatment ends an existence error, must move the part a machine tool afresh, before undertaking modification machining, must hold work of clip fixed position afresh, this process is the work with painstaking take time to any spare partses, be opposite especially large, heavy-duty spare parts, for example the punch mould of car body. In addition, in process of the new fixed position that hold clip if be put in any mistakes, can produce a few new errors on workpiece, can bring about what have a product again to detect again so with rework process. "Troublesome, efficiency is low, time-consuming expend " , this is conclusion! If used OMV system, if pursue right,be shown. In machining a process, powerINSPECT OMV detects software ceaselessly according to need, interrupt treatment at any time the process undertakes metrical and monitoring is machined the condition of the spare parts, the wrong misunderstanding in machining a process is discovered in time and accord is solved. Machine tool of implementation numerical control is online detect, to those clients the requirement must offer independent product to detect of the report manufacturer home, also be very beneficial. Through undertaking detecting on numerical control machine tool directly, can discover in time and revise an error, the case that the error just discovers after avoiding to refer the person that detect till the product appears. Made sure the spare parts machines qualification so. Measure through 3 coordinate of machine detect finally, deliver to a client one-timely. Relevant link: One of motivation that promote development of modern manufacturing industry CAD CAD, inchoate the trival labor that solves manual plot only, heretofore Si develops the development tool with advanced essential manufacturing industry. The CAD technology that changes ceaselessly, make plot of 2 dimension computer becomes three-dimensional image to show; Arrive from curved surface modelling hypostatic modelling; Change development to change a technology into variable from parameter. Current CAD, it can pass network and user to be designed in coordination together, be the same as development one case with the couplet such as CAM, CAPP. CAM CAM, after normally it gets the geometrical information of the product from CAD system below the circumstance, shang Xugen occupies the data such as parameter of condition of the object that machines a spare parts, tie, treatment to build a model, generate cutting tool to machine athletic contrail, give a machine tool with feedback of numerical control code. The CAM system that matures now quite basically has two kinds of type to implement a system compositive, one kind is the CAD/CAM system of unifinication, another kind is relatively independent CAM system, however no matter which are planted system, it is by interactive technology parameter contrail of input module, cutting tool generates contrail of module, cutting tool to edit module, three-dimensional treatment the composition of 5 kinds of module such as module of dynamic emulation module and postposition processing. The CAM of new generation, its are basic the structure is to should build high-powered price to compare, Yi Wei is protected, easy operation and the soft hardware platform that the periphery software that has smooth fact supports, and should abandon multilayer the interface of menu form is formed, those who replace is Windows interface, reason operation is convenient, also be PPM compositive lay next foundations. Accordingly it more user of press close to, more convenient craft manages, produce positive effect to modern production. CNC Milling CNC Machining