4 ungual sheet use numerical control lathe chuck jacket places workpiece

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In numerical control lathe 4 ungual sheet move chuck when jacket places workpiece, every time must the position of careful and corrective workpiece, make the axis of rotation of the axis of rotation of workpiece and lathe main shaft consistent. Before outfit of method of clamp of lathe of 1) numerical control places workpiece, block 4 first claw is stretched, the distance that makes opposite two card claw asks is more than workpiece diameter a bit, go to workpiece mount next. Use two opposite clamp blocking claw first, next reoccupy another pair of opposite clamp blocking claw. The line of many circular arc that can go up according to chuck end panel comes to 4 radial positions that block claw preliminary judgement is correct, undertake again next corrective. ① of   of method of correction of lathe of 2) numerical control uses tosecan corrective come with tosecan corrective outside when the circle, face of the circle outside making delimit the needle leaves work a bit first, turn slowly next main shaft, with observation pinpoint the position that will judge workpiece with the space size between workpiece surface. According to the difference of clearance the capacity adjusts each pairs of opposite card ungual position, its adjustment measures the in part that is clearance difference amount about. According to such measure, adjust through a few, undertake making to delimit all the time pinpoint with workpiece surface till the clearance between is even. Be in corrective when very small radial is jumpy, need not be eager to loosen card is ungual, can be down that card claw with expensive work impaction, come to workpiece depress achieve adjust a requirement. Carry out a proof, to holding clip the position has the work of tiny and radial deviation, using this kind of method to adjust is effective. Be in corrective and longer of workpiece outside when the circle, must be opposite before workpiece, the circle outside back end undertakes corrective. When corrective short work, divide corrective outside beyond the circle, still must corrective end panel is flat. Corrective when delimit pinpoint put in the brim point that approachs workpiece end panel, turn slowly next main shaft, watch end panel and pinpoint space. Observe the some place that go up leaves end panel pinpoint when recently, stop roll, with cupreous hammer or wooden hammer light clap hits that one point on workpiece, undertake going down according to such measure, go up to be mixed everywhere till end panel delimit pinpoint till the clearance between is equal. ② uses dial gauge when the work with corrective and corrective more expensive precision, can replace tosecan to undertake with dial gauge corrective. Corrective method and content and with when tosecan is corrective basic and identical, just use when dial gauge is corrective.

The measurement of dial gauge touchs a head is pressed in E of the surface that be measured with constant pressure. The radial circle of the surface that be measured beats or end panel circle beats by the scale of dial gauge E the value is numerated directly come, with dial gauge when corrective workpiece, precision can be controlled in less than of M of N 01 Ⅲ . When the note when ③ is corrective should need corrective and whole work, corrective outside circle and corrective end panel must at the same time give attention to two or morethings. Should notice the part with less mental allowance particularly, not because corrective and undeserved occurrence mental allowance is inadequate,as a result creates waste product. When workpiece of numerical control lathe outside when circle or end panel have the place that does not need treatment, must undertake to wanting the place of treatment corrective, make its correct. According to appearance requirement, round A is mixed outside end panel B needs to machine, corrective when should corrective with the place that take.

When the industry surplus of the place that should take care of each industry position to certain mental allowance goes up to be machined each when workpiece namely only is abhorrent, should emphasize the place with school little surplus, can make this place is versed in not quite because of surplus create waste product. To facilitate corrective, add mat sheet copper between card claw and workpiece normally. Corrective before should make good safety prevent the job. Put a board on lathe bed slideway normally, with slideway of the attaint when prevent workpiece to drop. To greater work, should at the same time tailstock passes auxiliary tool to withstand with circumgyrate tip workpiece, produce equipment or person accident in order to prevent. 3) in numerical control lathe the outfit between two tips places workpiece to longer or the axis with must place ability to complete treatment good through be being installed for many times kind workpiece, if grow bar of axis, filament, feed rod,wait for long and thin axis kind spare parts turning.

Or working procedure is more, after turning even the workpiece of milling or grinding, the installation precision when be being placed to assure to be installed every time (if coaxial spends requirement) , can place workpiece with two top outfit. Two top outfit place workpiece to go to the lavatory, after workpiece classics is installed for many times too, the position of its axes line won't be changed, do not need to undertake corrective, the precision that hold clip is tall. Place workpiece with two top outfit, must preexistence workpiece end panel drills central hole. The CB/T 145 of type state level of aperture of center of lathe of 1) numerical control, 20. Formulary center aperture has A model (do not take protect awl) , B (belt protect awl) , C (take screw) with R model (arc) 4 kinds. Aperture of the utility A of}L of 2) each sort center center is comprised by columnar}L and round taper hole.

Conic Kong Yonglai and tip cooperate.

Cone is center, clamp, bear cutting force and the surface with gravitational workpiece. Columnar aperture is used on one hand make sure tip and taper hole cooperate closely, make locate correct; is used on the other hand store lube. Accordingly, the deepness of columnar aperture is a basis the tip is most advanced touch those who will decide impossibly with work look. Locate the angle of conic aperture is 60 ° commonly, heavy work uses 90 ° , b center aperture contains the protective taper hole of 120 ° .

Fixed position cone is touched not easily bad, lest affect treatment precision. Commonly used on the work that holds clip treatment for many times in need. The interior of C center aperture has whorl opening, it is to end in axial treatment hind, can secure the other part that need and axis secure together on axes. Opening of the appearance of R center 7L and A center is similar, just answer the 60 ° of A center aperture change circular arc face definitely. Such with top cone cooperate to become line contact, in the axis kind when workpiece holds clip, can correct automatically a few positional deviation. CNC Milling CNC Machining