Numerical control machine tool is electric control breakdown and guarantee politic research

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Numerical control machine tool is the automation machine tool with technical very high content, it is the advanced treatment facilities that a kind of efficient and complex collect Electromechanical appearance is an organic whole. Drive of servo of collect of numerical control machine tool, computer technology, the secret is measured, automation technology and sensor technology at a suit. The use of numerical control machine tool raised the manufacturing level of mechanical manufacturing industry greatly, improved manufacturing efficiency greatly and reduced the investment of labour force. But, numerical control machine tool also has the drawback of its oneself. The complexity of numerical control machine tool decided the personnel that uses it must want to have certain corresponding knowledge reserve. When using it, must want scrupulous and should notice to be safeguarded meticulously to it at ordinary times. Numerical control machine tool often can appear in use process hydraulic pressure, mechanical, electric the breakdown of these 3 respects, and the breakdown of electrical system is this frequency appears in 3 breakdown highest. The trouble that how resolves electrical system became the problem that mechanical industry solves urgently. The common breakdown in the machine tool of common numerical control of breakdown     in numerical control machine tool classifies a method to basically can be divided according to what differ for the 5 sort below model. The first kind, can divide according to the place of breakdown happening for breakdown of hardware system breakdown and software system. Why be hardware system breakdown? Hardware system breakdown basically points to an electron yuan parts of an apparatus (electron, printed circuit board, electric parts of an apparatus) , the appearing breakdown such as spacing orgnaization. Software system breakdown basically is by PLC logic pilot program appears mistake, what parameter installs is incorrect, the machine program of the spare parts appears the trouble that these reasons cause the error. Method of the 2nd classification, the directive is had to be able to differentiate to diagnose a directive to not have when appearing according to breakdown breakdown and have diagnostic directive trouble. Just as its name implies, when diagnostic directive breakdown moves in the machine tool namely, diagnostic system can monitor whole treatment process, when occurrence problem of a certain measure, can call the police immediately or have indication trouble with literal form. Without diagnostic directive breakdown, do not have corresponding directive when breakdown happening namely. The happening of these breakdown basically is use all the year round by machinery, mechanical component appears wear away, cause the problem that program and machinery appeared to match. The probable sex that appears according to breakdown differentiates the 3rd kind. If satisfied certain requirement when machinery, a certain breakdown can happen, so, this kind of breakdown is systematization breakdown. And when random sex breakdown should satisfy a certain requirement namely, the breakdown that may happen. Random sex breakdown is solved harder so because of its uncertainty. The 4th kind is appear to be not had from time to tome according to breakdown ruinous differentiate. Have be called ruinous breakdown ruinously, not was called ruinously without ruinous breakdown. Last kinds are called machine tool character to drop breakdown, when this kind of breakdown appears, although the machine tool can move normally, do not produce the product that gives qualification however. Numerical control machine tool is electric control breakdown and guarantee law of intuitionistic observation of   of   of intuitionistic observation law uses the   of breakdown analysis   of electrical system of machine tool of politic research numerical control namely the examination that the sense organ has trouble. The first pace of intuitionistic observation law asks namely, enquire the course that the spot personnel breakdown of breakdown produces namely, what occurrence phenomenon and breakdown arise is sequential. The 2nd pace is to look, examine each place to whether be in whack namely, corresponding electronic-controlled device has occurrence alarm signal, after these eliminating, examine local have resistor silk to burn out, yuan parts of an apparatus has without be scorched, wire cable falls off wait for a phenomenon. The 3rd pace is to feel, look up each electrical outlet to had placed in a certain position in the check when cutting off the power namely, each circuit board has been installed and whether has each signal lead joined. The 4th pace checks those who have strike a light, fumy unusual perhaps sound, off-odour to appear after electrify namely. Law of examination of instrument of   of   of instrument examination law uses corresponding electrical engineering appearance to undertake checking to circuit delivers volts d.c. and corresponding pulse signal mediumly namely, find out possible trouble site. Call the police directive and   of   of signal analysis law this kind of method makes full use of namely a supervisory system go up call the police indicator light and signal undertake discharging checking to breakdown. To hardware system it is a basis each electron yuan go up with electric unit on parts of an apparatus call the police the specific position that indicator light determines occurrence breakdown. And software system did not call the police specificly directive, but can call the police mediumly according to hardware system directive and the breakdown aspect that signal combines service instruction to find out a likelihood. Present numerical control machine tool meets   of   of law of interface state examination to cover PLC among them. Interface signal basically relies on to have link between them. And a lot of symptoms that numerical control machine tool appears believe an occurrence mistake to concern with interface. Want to check interface signal to exist whether correctly, it is OK to should pass PLC program v only. Machine tool of     numerical control, PLC, servo contains parameter setting method the treatment demand of the machine tool that a lot of parameter differ with suiting, but the time that uses because of place is too long, the requirement that these parameter often cannot satisfy a machine tool or their match degree reduce. So, to can continue to satisfy the manufacturing requirement of the machine tool, these parameter also can make corresponding change sometimes. Spare parts substitution method     is decided when some breakdown in some on circuit board, but when finding out breakdown component to compare difficulty, go up to do not delay production to be able to change spare parts first, reexamination of after the event is specific the position that breakdown appears, undertake the overhaul next. Numerical control machine tool is maintained electricly and maintain     is in view of numerical control machine tool in mechanical production is so important, and the structure of numerical control machine tool is so complex, so, machining manufacturer must make machine tool of good numerical control maintain work with maintenance. Numerical control machine tool is electric maintenance postulate     wants to do machine tool of good numerical control to maintain electricly work with maintenance, good maintenance condition is very necessary. It is personnel condition above all. The maintains speed and quality stand or fall with numerical control electric machine tool basically depends on the quality of corresponding staff member. Corresponding staff member must want to have responsibility heart of height above all, the relevant knowledge that understand and should have good professional accomplishment. Next, the staff member must want to groom through corresponding technology before mount guard, can skilled and relevant operation measure, best can know a foreign language, can understand relevant operation instruction handbook. Besides personnel condition, good corporeal condition also is necessary. Corporeal condition basically includes the first, have the operation instruction handbook of relevant numerical control machine tool, data of maintenance log archives, and the technical data related to numerical control machine tool. The 2nd, want to had done corresponding spare parts to work to yuan of parts of an apparatus of numerical control machine tool, need to change in occurrence breakdown in case yuan of hurry-scurry when parts of an apparatus. The 3rd, want to prepare necessary maintenance tool, in the maintenance software with the corresponding mount on computer. In day-to-day to be in work, also have a lot of be need attention. Above all, the operation of numerical control machine tool is indoor must maintain clean cleanness, in case the metal is pulverous, the material such as dust causes damage to machinery. Be in especially summer when, weather is hotter, machinery cannot undertake coming loose heating up through opening ark of numerical control machine, accurate operation method is to use come loose accordingly hot tool perhaps undertakes coming loose heating up to the program. Next, in use process, must control systematic overheat, to inputting output equipment has regular examination. In the job, want to undertake checking to cooling fan, ensure it can work normally. Again, often check dc motive brush, dc motive brush is the main component of electromotor, its stand or fall affects the moving situation of machine tool of whole numerical control directly. The consequence with its direct damage is electromotor break down, so the staff member always should check the status of dc motive brush. The elimination of breakdown of system of electric equipment of numerical control machine tool basically introduced numerical control machine tool to uphold a requirement of electrical system daily above measure     . Usually, if our staff member is done strictly according to the requirement above, so the probability of occurrence breakdown is lower. But, also cannot eliminate the possibility of occurrence breakdown. Once the electrical system of numerical control machine tool appeared breakdown, so how should be we solved again? The different type of the breakdown that we mention according to above paragraphs below makes simple introduction. The first kind, hardware system and software system breakdown. To occurrence hardware system breakdown, wanted to maintain the component that perhaps changed to damage only commonly, the problem can be solved. To occurrence software system breakdown, need to alter relevant data or program, if the case is more complex,must modify PLC program. The 2nd kind, have diagnostic directive breakdown and without diagnostic directive breakdown. Have diagnostic directive trouble want the diagnostic directive signal with corresponding basis and corresponding technical specification to be able to undertake settlement only. And diagnose demonstrative breakdown to notting have, that is about to seek corresponding staff member ground before breakdown in the change after, the working experience that combines oneself next undertakes settlement, so these two kinds of breakdown are compared, without diagnostic directive breakdown is solved harder. The 3rd kind, ruinous breakdown and nondestructive breakdown. This kind of breakdown basically is according to generation the phenomenon that appears when breakdown undertakes an analysis, locate corresponding breakdown source, undertake elimination next. This kind of method has particular risk, may damage mechanical. The 4th kind, systematization breakdown and random sex breakdown. The elimination of this kind of breakdown is more difficult, the experimental ability that need relapses determines the specific position of breakdown. The 5th kind, the breakdown that character of machine tool motion drops. This kind of breakdown can undertake elimination through changing relevant data and course. The ceaseless development that sums up     to wait as computer technology, automation technology, sensor technology, the numerical control machine tool that props up for the technology with them also is met more and more advanced. It is more and more important that numerical control machine tool also is met in the position of machining industry. It is particularly as important as maintenance that the complexity of position and its program decided numerical control machine tool maintains daily. Above all, corresponding staff member must ensure what numerical control machine tool has had to guarantee condition, the knowledge that specific requirement is the professional morality that the staff member should have had and major is laid in. Next, working environment should keep clean. Again, move in machinery namely when, want to accomplish serious discretion. Finally, had made each preparation that undertakes maintaining namely. If these were accomplished, return the happening of indispensable breakdown, so be about specific issue is specific treat, adopt different maintenance strategy in the light of different breakdown. Although, the maintenance technology of electrical system of numerical control machine tool is not quite advanced still now, but the times is developing, the technology is in progress, believe to be in before long the maintenance technology of electrical system of numerical control machine tool can have in the future very big rise. CNC Milling CNC Machining