Annulus rolling again the application in forging

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Annulus rolling weighs annulus again Zhan enlarge or reaming, basically be annulus of have the aid of rolling mill and rolling pass, make annulus produce successive and local plasticity to be out of shape, realize a wall then thick reduce, the diameter expands, the plasticity of sectional outline figuration machines craft. Up to now, rectangular and sectional annulus production undertakes with radial rolling means more, annulus use design waiting for Zuo with preform, awl roller rises to prevent annulus only Pansheng and limitative annulus the effect that adds highly, axial deflection is very small. It is difficult to wait to high temperature alloy and titanium alloy be out of shape material, be out of shape adequately equably is the main base that assures forging metallurgy quality. Actually, diameter two-way rolling can be in 7 axes radial and axial carry out rolling to be out of shape on 2 direction, can acquire more complex link not only sectional appearance and taller dimension precision, and can obtain more even and sufficient be out of shape; Accordingly, it is difficult to be used to aviation and spaceflight be out of shape material annulus, diameter axis the application of two-way rolling technology is paid close attention to increasingly by people. Annulus rolling is craft of figuration of treatment of successive and local plasticity, compare with photograph of craft of figuration of block mould forge, its are had reduce equipment tonnage and investment, vibration to pound material of small, energy-saving section and manufacturing cost substantially advantage of economy of low and remarkable technology, it is annulus of wheel of bearing annulus, gear annulus, flange annulus, train and tire, gas turbine etc of all kinds without crack ring advanced production technology, a lot of industry wait in mechanical, car, train, shipping, petro-chemical, aerospace and nuclear energy increasingly wide application receives in the domain. Annulus rolling technology is current production is high-powered without crack ring one of most significant steps, wide application is won in a lot of domain such as aviation, spaceflight, the sources of energy and traffic. In rolling process, annulus material is out of shape sufficient, fill up good, realized close clean figuration, make appearance of streamline edge spare parts reasonable distributing, reduced streamline to the greastest extent cut off and extreme appears, raised annulus greatly thereby fight stress to corrode ability, service life and dependability. CNC Milling CNC Machining