Die Casting of cold room of J1155 of plant of engine of Shanghai Die Casting builds machine new product to pass appraisal

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By Shanghai traffic university, Shanghai electric (group) the expert group of the composition such as bureau of technical center, Shanghai qualitative check, built machine new product to have identification to Die Casting of J1155 of plant of engine of Shanghai Die Casting cold room. Expert group investigated the concerned report of J1155, watched spot sky movement to demonstrate. Think this product is dilettante and artistic, the construction is reasonable, automation rate is high, overall precede inside horizontal dependency, pass appraisal, but batch production. This machine uses PLC to control increases feeling hold or be measured accuse a system to offer user alternative. Hydraulic pressure system introduces proportioning valve, craft parameter can adopt man-machine interaction form, have set, inquiry, detect etc. Press firing rate to spend fast, voltage build-up time is short, lock model is reliable, move smooth. CNC Milling CNC Machining