Production industry of Guangzhou machinery equipment ranks the whole nation the 2nd

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In last few years, guangzhou city classics appoint the directive that leads by province, city, advance the development of mechanical equipment industry energetically, guide actively it is core with bibcock enterprise, begin purposeful capital attraction, become good priority discipline seriously coordinate and dog fulfil, business of industry of directive and mechanical equipment centers force to do technical development, brand to manage, finish machining and system are compositive debug, after service, formed correlation to spend the industry with strong capability of tall, radiate stage by stage group, make the mechanical equipment industry of Guangzhou city got rapid development. Recently, guangzhou city classics appoint waited for city of stress of industry of 6 mechanical equipment to undertake investigate and be comparatived to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Harbin, Dalian, the result is: In gain ability, export capacity and manufacturing efficiency 3 evaluate index in, the sales profit ratio of Guangzhou is 9.

35 % , slightly under Shanghai, list the 2nd; Exporting ability and manufacturing efficiency respect, guangzhou is respectively 18.

15% with 25.

96% , row the 2nd mix the 3rd. Guangzhou city classics appoint returned an organization to make mechanical equipment industry develop directive opinion, decided Hangzhou city strives to made mechanical equipment gross value of industrial output achieves 150 billion yuan 2005, and the target that develops 8 big fields mainly. CNC Milling CNC Machining