To change of high-powered processing technique

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Had right technology and other consideration factor, the HPM high-powered processing technique that waits in hard milling of such as of the implementation in spare parts treatment is simple. Shorten to satisfy the demand of delivery cycle, spare parts of hard milling mould is to simplify a when the spare parts machines very good way. Use current technology, heat treatment has first before a lot of spare partses are putting the cutting on machining center. This will conduce to the need that reduces to place an operation to undertaking for many times installing - shorten greatly delivery time raises yield. The item that HPM needs to consider uses high-powered treatment (HPM) technology comes the biggest the treatment that spends a part is all in all. Achieving the result that can forecast when cutting hard data is the key that gains a success. Assume involve a lot of variable, this may be a very sophisticated technology; But, had right technology and other consideration factor, the HPM high-powered processing technique that waits in hard milling of such as of the implementation in spare parts treatment is simple. The chooses to use special design to be used at HPM machine tool of ◆ machine tool raises big earth the possibility that can forecast a result. Makes for HPM machine tool will have the main shaft design with a rigid good, oscillatory small possibility, its rotate speed gets used to the diametical size of workpiece material and cutting tool can optimally. When handling much program information, it also will have the capacity that controls machine tool movement accurately. This kind of machine tool general thermal stability the cast with embedded good tigidity. This kind of machine tool is the foundation that carries out HPM effectively. ◆ knife handle falls in a lot of circumstances, knife handle was ignored. Knife handle is having the effect of main shaft of join machine tool and cutting tool; Accordingly, detail paying close attention when choosing knife handle is important. The knife handle dynamic balancing of high quality comes top rotate speed is crucial. Proper attention knife handle still will be affected greatly successful. Should ensure do not turn cutting tool to another machine tool to use from a machine tool. Change cutting tool may damage new main shaft and will bring about small brace up wear away. Clean main shaft and knife handle also are important. Pass right choice and application, cutting tool life and main shaft life will get rising. Cutting tool of ◆ cutting tool (no matter be cutting tool of integral hard alloy or razor blade of machine clip type) differ what the basis applies and have very big change. Steel brand and angle of cutting tool geometry choose the cutting tool with right decision. Cutting tool technology is to have its of normal change rule. As a result of often change, relying on the tool manufacturer of high quality to offer accurate cutting parameter according to material sort is crucial. Software of ◆ software CAD/CAM is the last link in this relation catenary. Use a system that considered HPM when the design to will get first-rate result. Guide / derive of method of pattern recognition of control, surplus, custom-built cutting tool generate and the computational ability of method of high accuracy cutting tool is indispensible. System of a lot of orders has the capacity of the technology that makes classics desired result again. Assume material hardness is identical: Speed of process designing technology, cutting tool, cutting and feed are only a few can be in different treatment by the variable of recycle. Scratch and collision detect will farther the biggest the locomotive time that spends main shaft, the treatment that can ensure unmanned value is defended is operated. Change is sold to cent of manufacturer of HPM machine tool, software the partner is being built to concern between business and tool supplier also is important. When change appears to be reduced apparently to HPM technology, support through what groom and last and help development craft satisfy special need to will be obtain a success to have crucial effect. CNC Milling CNC Machining