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Lathe cent has pair of knives implement and do not have pair of knives implement, but to knife principle same, say to do not have pair of knives first implement.

Lathe itself has a mechanical origin, you cut to wanting to try commonly when the knife ah, for instance car external diameter the Z after one knife to exit, measure a vehicle how much is external diameter, find your place to move cursor to X to input X with knife date in G picture next.



By measure a machine tool to know this knife the position of point of a knife that go up, internal diameter is same, z to simple, be in every knife Z to it is OK to touch a place to measure Z0 next.

So all knife had a record, certain treatment moved in workpiece at 0 o'clock inside (Offshift) , can decide the knife arbitrarily workpiece origin.

The knife should be read first before wanting to remember pair of knives to the knife so.

Have a more convenient method, be opposite with collet namely knife, we know collet external diameter, it is OK that cutting tool went touching input external diameter, press on collet to be opposite with the hand to one gauge block can be being taken when internal diameter, external diameter of same input collet is OK.

If have pair of knives implement much more convenient, to the knife implement try to the knife with respect to what be equivalent to securing cut work, cutting tool was touched go in with respect to the record the position.

If be treatment of much more phyletic small lot,had better buy so take pair of knives implement.

Spare time.

The MAZAK lathe that uses before me, I change a new work from stop machine begin batch to machine interlude to want only commonly to new work 10 it is OK to arrive 15 minutes.

(Include to change cutting tool soft claw to try cut)=========================================Basic coordinate relation reachs numerical control lathe a few kinds are quite to knife method in the operation of numerical control lathe and process designing process, basic coordinate concerns and clearing up is two very important segment to knife principle. This understands the treatment principle of the machine tool better to us, and in handling treatment process modification dimension deviation has very great help. One, basic coordinate relation is told commonly, use normally having two coordinate is: One is mechanical coordinate department; Another is workpiece coordinate department, also call program coordinate the department. Both the relation between can use a figure 1 will express. Graph department of 1 mechanical coordinate and the relation that workpiece coordinate fastens set a fixed reference point in the mechanical coordinate department in the machine tool (it is suppose (X, z)) . The action of this reference point basically is to use a fixed position. Because switch on the mobile phone every time hind no matter tool carrier stays in which the position, the system is current position set (0, 0) , such certainly will are caused fiducial skimble-scamble, the operation of the first pace that switchs on the mobile phone every time so is returned to for reference point (some calling time at 0 o'clock) , pass namely affirmatory (X, z) will decide origin (0, 0) . Go to the lavatory for computation and process designing, we attend program origin set in the centre of turning circle of workpiece right end panel normally, make process designing fiducial as far as possible with the design, assemble fiducial coincide. Mechanical coordinate department is a machine tool exclusive fiducial, must want to clear up program origin to fasten medium seat in mechanical coordinate so. This is in normally next to be being finished in knife process. 2, to knife method 1.

Try cut a law to try to the knife cutting a way is to the knife one most kind when actually medium applying is opposite knife method. Below it is in order to use the RFCZ12 lathe of system of MITSUBISHI50L numerical control exemple, will introduce specific operation method. Workpiece and clip of cutting tool outfit end, drive main shaft rotates, mobile tool carrier tries the circle outside cutting a paragraph to workpiece. Maintain X coordinate next cutting tool of axis of changeless and mobile Z leaves work, measure the round diameter outside giving this paragraphs. Input its the Dao Changzhong in corresponding cutting tool parameter, the system can employ cutting tool oneself current X coordinate is subtractive try cut that paragraph outside round diameter, get workpiece coordinate fastens the seat of X origin namely. Again mobile cutting tool tries cut end panel of workpiece one aspect of the matter, the Dao Kuanzhong in parameter of corresponding cutting tool inputs Z0, the system will be automatic will the Z coordinate of cutting tool is right now subtractive the numerical value that a moment ago inputted, get workpiece coordinate to fasten the seat of Z origin namely. For example, 2# knife tool carrier is in X 150.

0 cars go outside round diameter is 25.

0, so the value of program origin X when using cutting of this cutting tool is 150.



0; Tool carrier is in Z 180.

0 when cut end panel is 0, so the value of program origin Z when using cutting of this cutting tool is 180.


0. Part will (125.

0, 180.

In the X that 0) stocks Dao Changzhong of parameter of 2# cutting tool and Z, t0202 is used to be able to build workpiece coordinate successfully to fasten in the program. In fact, looking for workpiece origin to fasten medium seat in mechanical coordinate is not the actual seat that seeks this to nod, look for dot of point of a knife to arrive however (0, the position of the tool carrier when 0) . Use this kind of method not to use standard knife commonly to the knife, the cutting tool that before treatment need wants place to use a knife has been been opposite entirely. 2.

Be opposite automatically to Dao Yi the knife equiped on a lot of lathe now to Dao Yi, use the error that can discharge the generation when measuring to the knife to Dao Yi, raise pair of knife precision greatly. Because use pair of knife appearance to be able to be calculated automatically,the knife of each knife grows the poor cost with Dao Kuan, in stocking its the system, need pair of standard knives only when machining another spare partses, such big political integrity restricted time. Those who need an attention is to use pair of Dao Yi to set standard cutting tool commonly to the knife, be opposite knife when be opposite first standard knife. Below it is an introduction in order to use the center of Japanese WASINOLJ-10MC turning of FANUC0T system to work to Dao Yi the principle reachs use method. To Dao Yi working principle is like a graph 3 are shown. Point of a knife follows tool carrier to already shift of positional test point contacts pair of Dao Yi of set good place to it, put through till in-house circuit issue telegraphic order (normally we can hear Di Di voice and indicator light shows) . The X coordinate that is in cutting tool the dot when A of bring into contact with of 2# point of a knife is nodded stocks a graph in 2 X that show G02, in the Z that the Z coordinate that is in the cutting tool when B of bring into contact with of point of a knife is nodded the dot stocks G02. Of other cutting tool operate according to same method to the knife. In fact, had been opposite only in the operation of on one pace of X at 0 o'clock and this cutting tool is in at standard knife relatively the poor value of X direction and Z direction, changing when workpiece is machined, be opposite again Z at 0 o'clock can. Because be opposite,knife appearance fastens medium seat in mechanical coordinate always is certain, changing so after workpiece, it is OK to Z coordinate origin to need to use standard knife only. Z axis function mentions to measure pushbutton when the operation " Z-axisshiftmeasure " , the interface that if the graph is shown 4 times,CRT appears. Graph axis of the X that hand of 4 numeric to the knife interfaces moves mobile tool carrier, Z, make standard cutting tool is close to workpiece Z to right end panel, try cut workpiece end panel, press " POSITIONRECORDER " pushbutton, dot of cutting of can self-recording cutting tool is in the system the Z in workpiece coordinate department to the position, be in other cutting tool and standard knife the poor value of Z direction and this to be worth addition to get the Z origin of corresponding cutting tool thereby, its numerical value shows go up in WORKSHIFT job picture, if pursue,5 are shown. ==================================================================Lathe of Fanuc system numerical control dictates to knife and process designing lathe of numerical control of introductory Fanuc system sets work commonly used at 0 o'clock method one, try with cutting tool directly cut pair of knives 1.

Car of foretaste of lathe tool of the garden outside using one outside field, remember current X coordinate, after diameter of the garden outside measuring, diameter of the garden outside be being decreased with X coordinate, in the value of is worth input Offset interface geometrical appearance X of place. 2.

Car of foretaste of lathe tool of the garden outside using one outside garden end panel, remember current Z coordinate, in the value of geometrical appearance Z that inputs Offset interface. 2, set work with G50 at 0 o'clock 1.

Car of foretaste of lathe tool of the garden outside using one outside field, after diameter of the garden outside measuring, square of axis of knife edge Z to decline a point, cut end panel to reach a center (X axis coordinate subtracts the diameter is worth) . 2.

Choose MDI way, input G50X0Z0, the START that start bolts, establish current point for at 0 o'clock. 3.

Choose MDI way, input G0X150Z150, make cutting tool leaves workpiece feed to machine. 4.

At this moment program begin: G50X150Z150... .

. 5.

Attention: With G50X150Z150, your start and terminus must agree namely X150Z150, such ability assure to repeat treatment not random knife. 6.

If use G30 of the 2nd reference point, can assure to repeat treatment namely not random knife, at this moment program begin G30U0W0G50X150Z1507.

In FANUC system, the position of the 2nd reference point is installed in parameter, in Yhcnc software, press occurrence dialog box of mouse right key, by the mouse Zun Jian affirms can. 3, move with workpiece setting workpiece at 0 o'clock 1.

In the Offset of FANUC0-TD system, one workpiece moves interface, importable zero shift is worth. 2.

Foretaste of lathe tool of the garden outside using cuts workpiece end panel, at this moment the position of Z coordinate if: Z200, direct input arrives in deflection value. 3.

Choice " Ref " wind reference point way, wind reference point by axis of X, Z, at this moment coordinate department built workpiece namely at 0 o'clock. 4.

Attention: This 0.1 maintain continuously, install deflection to be worth Z0 anew only, just keep clear of. 4, set work with G54-G59 at 0 o'clock 1.

Car of foretaste of lathe tool of the garden outside using one outside field, after diameter of the garden outside measuring, square of axis of knife edge Z to decline a point, cut end panel to reach a center. 2.

Input current X and Z axis coordinate to G54 directly----In G59, be like,the program is called directly: G54X50Z50... . 3.

Notice: ? 53 instructions of Man of take along sth to sb are cleared G54-----G59 workpiece coordinate is. ====================================================FANUC system decides workpiece coordinate department has 3 kinds of methods. The first kind is: Through slanting the knife to the knife the value writes parameter to obtain workpiece coordinate department thereby. Operation of this kind of method is simple, dependability is good, he slants to fasten close connection to be together with mechanical coordinate through the knife, should not cut off the power only, do not change a knife to slant value, workpiece coordinate department can exist and won't change, although cut off the power, reference point is winded after restarting, workpiece coordinate department returns the position before. The 2nd kind is: Using G50 set coordinate is, machine to the positional ability to G50 set moving the knife after the knife. When be opposite, be opposite first fiducial knife, the knife of other knife slants is opposite at fiducial knife. The 3rd kind of method is MDI parameter, it is OK to apply G54~G59 6 coordinate are set, department of this kind of coordinate is the photograph is changeless to reference point, have nothing to do with cutting tool. This kind of method applies to batch to produce and the treatment that workpiece has the fixed place that hold clip on chuck. The workpiece coordinate department of system of spaceflight numerical control is built is the cutting tool of G50) statement set that is similar to FANUC through G92Xazb(the coordinate value that is in the position currently will decide. The need before treatment is opposite first knife, it is fiducial knife to going to what implementation is opposite, to coordinate to clear will showing after the knife, to the coordinate that will show when other knife the value writes corresponding knife filling parameter. Measure next give D of pair of knife diameter Ф , the knife shift indicates the position of X=a-dZ=b to coordinate, can run a program (the origin of department of process designing coordinate of this kind of method is in center of workpiece right end panel) . Restoration is pressed in machining a process or stop urgently be good at, the G92 start that can return set again continues to machine. But if be like,give an accident: X or Z axis do not have servo, dog make mistake, cut off the power wait for circumstance happening, the system can restart only, heavy ever since the workpiece coordinate department of set will disappear, need is opposite afresh knife. If be batch production, g92 start is answered to continue to machine below one after machining, there is fault a bit in unit process of cargo bandling, revise workpiece coordinate department possibly, need to be opposite afresh knife. In view of this kind of circumstance, it is fixed that we think coordinate of method general workpiece go up in the machine tool. We discover 16 to filling value has the knife of the machine tool, can use, then we experimented a few kinds of methods. The first kind of method: Be opposite when fiducial knife, indication reference point deviation the value writes 9 knives to fill, the returns number to write 8 knives to fill X value to knife diameter. After the system restarts, cutting tool shift arrives reference point, will make cutting tool returns workpiece G92 start through running a program, the program is as follows: It is normal still that N001G92X0Z0;N002G00T19;N003G92X0Z0;N004G00X100Z100;N005G00T18;N006G92X100Z100;N007M30; program moves to the 4th, when running the 5th, cutting tool should to X lose to shift, but unusual however to X, Z to shift, the result fails. Analysing a reason to suspect is same process attune a knife two knives filling place comes. The 2nd kind of method: Be opposite when fiducial knife, the Z that keeps the indication Z cost with reference point deviation 9 knives to fill is worth, the X value that will indicate and the X that write 9 good knives to fill to the sum returning number of knife diameter are worth. After the system restarts, move cutting tool to reference point, run following programs: After N001G92X0Z0;N002G00T19;N003G00X100Z100;N004M30; program moves, succeed move cutting tool to workpiece G92 start. But when running work program, cutting tool should first to X, Z lose to shift, however unusual to X, Z to shift, the result fails again. Analysing a reason to suspect is the system moves a program hind, the knife that move fills to still be among memory, empty without Qing Dynasty, when running next program, it wants to eliminate the shift that the knife fills first. The 3rd kind of method: After using the program of the 2nd kind of method to move cutting tool to workpiece G92 start, restart system, won't reference point is machined directly, experiment hind can be machined. But this does not accord with machine tool operating rules, conclusion is to be able to go but unworkable. The 4th kind of method: Be opposite when the knife, be worth those who show with reference point deviation add on 100 hind write its correspondence knife to fill, each knife is such, the knife of each such knives fills is opposite at reference point, the G92 start of machine program is set for X100Z100, experiment hind is feasible. The start that the defect of this kind of method is every time treatment is reference point, distance of cutting tool shift is longer, but because this is G00,move quickly, still can accept. The 5th kind of method: In reach pair of knife diameters to be recorded with reference point deviation to what will show when fiducial knife come down, once the system restarts, can manual moves cutting tool G92 start position. This kind of method is a few more troublesome, but feasible still. CNC Milling CNC Machining