Embedded technical characteristic

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Embedded all of computer science department compares with photograph of system of general purpose computer have the following characteristic: 1, embedded the system faces specific applying normally, embedded CPU and general-purpose the biggest differ even if embedded great much work is in CPU for specific user group in the system of the design, it has power comsumption normally low, bulk is small, compositive spend advanced characteristic, can a lot of finishs by board card jobs in general CPU compositive in chip interior, be helpful for thereby embedded the system designs miniaturization, mobile ability increases greatly, the coupling that follows a network is more and more close together also. 2, embedded the system is the result that will advanced computer technology, semiconductor technology and electronic technology and the specific application photograph of each industries combine. This decided it is a technology necessarily concentrated, capital concentrated, height is dispersive, ceaseless the knowledge of innovation is compositive system. 3, embedded systematic hardware and software must efficient ground design, the redundant function that act according to actual circumstances, purify does not need, strive to realize same function on smaller silicon chip area, such ability have competition ability more in specific applying. 4, embedded system and specific application organic ground is united in wedlock together, its upgrade replacement also is with particular product synchronism undertakes, because this is embedded once systematic product enters the market, have longer lifecycle. 5, carry out speed and systematic dependability to rise, embedded the software in the system is general solidify is in memory chip or sheet piece in machine itself, is not memory in the carrier such as disk. 6, embedded systematic itself does not have own development capacity, after finishing, the user cannot have modification to among them program function normally, must one develops tool and environmental ability to undertake developing with connective of system of general purpose computer. CNC Milling CNC Machining